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Plasma Flow Control Systems

IB Göksel Electrofluidsystems develops and also offers engineering services for special industrial projects to develop and integrate EHD and MHD plasma actuators into aircrafts, airships and wind tunnel models.

For flow control IB Göksel Electrofluidsystems proposes plasma actuators with a dielectric barrier based on 0.5 - 5.0 mm thick Silicon rubber which presently gives us the highest thrust to power ratio for standard materials. Electrofluidsystems already started to study rubber actuators in 2007 as can be seen below:

On 20 June 2020, Electrofluidsystems started the new low-budget project PLASMA ECLIPSE

Ultra-lightweight DC-HV generators developed for our unmanned PlasmaRay aircraft and airship will be integrated in a 3D-printed blended wing body of Madrid-based Eclipson. Simple wire based corona discharge actuators will be used as plasma slats and plasma flaps for circulation and separation flow control, reducing the stall speed below 24 km/h or 6.6 m/s in a real flight experiment.